Brands on Spotify

Enabling brands to create compelling, engaging content.

Client: Spotify

Focus: Product Discovery & Design, Interaction Design, Motion Comps, Video Editing
Storytelling tools and platforms today are limited. They allow for just a few seconds of people's time and attention. For brands, that can be a challenge. The experiences are ephemeral, short bursts of visual stimuli that are gone in an instant. Spotify has a unique opportunity to provide brands with more. It's different from other platforms because it evokes emotion, memory, excitement, and deeper connection.

Spotify layers into your life, while not taking away from it. It's long-form, audio first, and contextual, It's always there for you, in your pocket to augment your activity and mood. It's a companion, not a distraction.

We explored four bespoke audio-first experiences for brands to leverage to, first, connect with their people. And second, create opportunities for conversion.
With the goal of creating long-form, audio-first and contextual experiences for brands and their customers, we set out to answer a few questions.
Often times, the places we visit aren't sparked by search results. The idea starts with first-hand, lived experiences. A good word from a friend, a carefully curated blog article. What if we could experience a space before visiting? Or take it with us once we've left?
What about our favorite, daily go-to spots? The ambiance we're so fond of, the music in the space, and even their distinct products?
Maybe a brand's philosophy is what constantly draws us back to their products and experiences. When we go into one of their stores, we're greeted by a specialist and we get excited about growing our routine with them at the center of it. How can brands extend this connection and feeling beyond the brick and mortar?
When it comes to artist, brand collaborations, how might they extend that experience to the everyday listener? For a car brand, maybe it's audio filters that correlate with their different color offerings.