Dolby Atmos Music

Experience music like never before.


Focus: Campaign Creative, Social, OOH
Music in Dolby Atmos means falling into the song. It means hearing all the layers exactly as intended. And, most of all, being able to connect to an artist like never before.

Dolby has always aimed to be a creative partner alongside musicians. To promote the launch of Atmos Music on Amazon's Echo Studio home speaker, we profiled several artists to hear what truly immersive music means to them. We gave them a space to tell stories of their process, thinking, and motivations behind their creations. And in turn, gave fans and consumers a deeper look at their favorite artists.
Creative Production: Lien Nguyen

Design: Peter Michaelian, Najwa Aboselham, Spencer Kelly, Brooke Stewart, Nina Luong

Content: Angus McGilpin, Jordan Fatke

Director: Karena Evans

Agency: 72 & Sunny

CMO: Todd Pendleton