Bringing together talented friends.

Client: N/A
Brooke Stewart and myself created the AEIOU Collective as a way to bring together our friends. And make cool things. The idea was simple: in whatever medium they chose, they were to create something that falls within our given prompt. Over the span of 2 months. We would then take each piece and put them on display at a group showing.

With the tone of voice and overall art direction led by Brooke, we built out a full identity. Consisting of branding, invitations, animation and more.
It was so exciting to hear everybody's proposals. From fashion to photography to product design. All under the prompt of Unknown.
Unfortunately, as we were close to securing a gallery location and everybody was already underway, the pandemic hit. We were forced to put a pause on a lot of things, but tried to keep the spirit alive via social.
As things begin to reach a new, social-gathering-norm, we'll be seeing if the show can be brought back. Stay tuned!